Did you receive help with this process?

The next question addressed the help that the respondents received at each of the four process stages.  The results at this point were rather mixed.  The question allowed multiple selections, so the numbers here indicate that our respondents received help from multiple sources.  (N=7, 6, 8 and 9 respectively again.)

Help with stages of the process

There seems to be a strong indication that most respondents sought help of some type. In general, more help was sought during the earlier stages; but more than half of the respondents have had help at some stage.

The sources of help indicated as “other” in the table included other parts of the respondents’ organisations and vendor-tied consultants at each stage.  Independent consultants were only used during the Implementation stage. (Which may be bad news for independent consultants!)  Some further “other” sources were also used during Selection, Implementation and Operation stages.

The amount of help required here may be an indication that none of this is easy, even for professionals.


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