How would you rate the following functions in terms of their importance in collaboration software?

So what do organisations want in terms of functionality? (N=39)

Key takeaway – “Lets start with the basics”. Six functions were rated “critical” by respondents:

  1. Search. People want to be able to find stuff. Search should be simple but in most organisations it is hopelessly dysfunctional.
  2. Shared document access & storage. People want a place to put things.
  3. Collaborative text content creation & editing. This is the first “Enterprise 2.0” -style piece of functionality in the top 6. And it’s really easy to do!
  4. Forums & discussion. People don’t just like documents, they like being able to discuss issues with other people. A very simple & mature technology.
  5. Single sign-on. Make the user experience as seamless and as easy as possible, please.
  6. Calendaring & scheduling. This is an important aspect of collaboration that is often under-rated. Make diaries easy to use, access & even share.

There is very little “cutting edge” about this list and most of the technologies needed are now mature & well-understood – but how do the collaboration products you use measure up on these functional areas? Are vendors providing what people want?


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