Who drives your organisation’s collaboration strategy?

In the last post, we look at whether organizations have a collaboration strategy – we some decidedly mixed results. Today, the question is: Who drives your organisation’s collaboration strategy?

These are the results that we got (N=37):

The numbers don’t necessarily add up with those in the previous question (which has got our backroom statisticians all of a flutter) but if we take them at face value then the answer is “it depends” and “almost everyone”. IT is the biggest group. This we expected – what came as something of surprise was the narrowness of IT’s lead.

What have your experiences been in who’s involved – and who’s not – in collaboration strategy development? Should we see more leadership from senior executives or core business units in this area?


Does your organisation have a collaboration strategy?

Over the next month, Keith & Matt will be posting the interim results of the OzCollab survey.

So the first question we are going to look at is: “Does your organisation have a collaboration strategy?” (N=39)

For most respondents, the answer seems to be “we kinda do”, followed by “no”. For me, this reply indicates the immaturity of thinking about collaboration technology within organizations. It just happens. It’s not formalized. This might be workable when you have a small number of options (e.g. email) but the collaboration software landscape gets more diverse, it helps to explicitly work through what you need and why.

So there is an opportunity here for practitioners, vendors & consultants to make some of this stuff clearer for businesses.

What do you think?

I would also accept that the question is worded quite loosely and it would be interesting to find out what “informal” means.

Tomorrow: Who owns the strategy?

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Initial Findings Round 1: What does “collaboration” mean?

Everyday, someone asks us how the survey is going. So we thought that we’d provide some initial results.

1. What does collaboration mean?

Here’s a wordle cloud of the responses that we’ve got so far:

  • It’s all about work & working together. Is your software fit for the workplace?
  • People seem to crop up a lot. Is it people-friendly?
  • There is a focus on outcomes. Does it help users achieve their goals or does it hinder them?


2. Do we have a plan for this? Over two-thirds of respondents said that their organisation does not have a formal collaboration strategy with one-third saying that there wasn’t even an informal one.

3. Have we got the basics right? Search is the most critical function for collaboration followed by Shared document storage & access. Microsoft’s purchase of FAST would appear to be a smart move. At the other end of the scale, a majority of respondents said that 3D Virtual Worlds were irrelevant. More evidence that Second Life is dead or just ahead of the curve?

4. It’s crowded in here. Microsoft’s Sharepoint & Atlassian’s Confluence are the two most popular products but it’s a space with no clear leaders – with both commercial vendors (e.g. SAP, Documentum, Salesforce) and open source (Drupal, MediaWiki) in use.

We’re still collecting data so please visit the survey and tell us your experiences.

Please fill out the survey at http://tinyurl.com/ozcollab now!

Collaboration in Australia

Are you currently using collaborative software, or are you planning to acquire it? Would you like to benchmark your experience against that of others? Are you based in Australia?

We are researching the use of collaboration tools in Australia. “Collaboration” is a buzz term at the moment, and we want to get behind the hype to discover how organisations are selecting and implementing tools and whether they are benefiting from them. If you have experience with selecting, implementing or maintaining a collaboration tool within the last 12 months then we would like you to take part in this survey. The survey is open from Monday 22 June 2009.
What’s in it for me?
You will receive a free summary overview of the survey results from all participants. You can compare your situation with others and learn from their experiences in:
  • Identifying the range of tools;
  • Selecting and implementing them;
  • Realising benefits;
  • Using consultants and other service providers.

We will combine these survey results with key vendor interviews, case studies and further research to provide the first authoritative overview report of the Australian Collaboration Technology Landscape. As a participant in the survey, you will be eligible for a copy of this report at a discount.

About the survey

This survey is being conducted by Matthew Moore, Director, Innotecture and Keith De La Rue, Principal Consultant, AcKnowledge Consulting.
All survey data collected will be anonymised before the publication of any reports.

Please fill out the survey at http://tinyurl.com/ozcollab now!

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